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The news that Northamptonshire County Council has put a block on spending because its finances are not in good order is a major news item as I write. More worrying was the mention in BBC news bulletins that other authorities may be thinking about similar measures, prompting the thought "Who's next?" I lived very happily in Northants for six years, when what had been a rather sleepy old centre of the boot and shoe making industry was waking up to the growing demands for housing for people moving out of the Greater London area, with the declared target of the county's population growing by one million people by the year 2000. Large areas of farmland were sold for development, making millionaires of several landowners who had only dreamed of such wealth before the expansion began. Today I drive through the area occasionally and wonder at the industry that has grown up all around once gentle and friendly towns and the spread of gentrification through what had been quiet, modest villages.

I am glad to get back to gentle Shropshire, which I suspect is largely my age showing and the inevitable resentment that what was once familiar territory has changed so dramatically. There is change here, the natural process of time, but nothing so drastic as witnessed in my old home county. In growing Northampton town the development of industry was measured in many acres, while in Cleobury Mortimer David Robinson will offer a space on the New House business site on Tenbury Road and very few will notice the difference. Northamptonshire county faces a financial crisis, in Shropshire we suffer cutbacks and services once taken for granted are trimmed and have to be paid for by the town or parish councils, as the county faces funding from the government reducing every year. Some people may find the relative slowness of expansion here irritating, the apparent lack of drive frustrating, but others see such a careful approach to commitment as wise and bearable. Our style and rate of growth does not make national headlines, but it also doesn't mean panic. I for one can live happily with that. Jim Reynolds

Jim Reynolds


February 2018

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