Cleobury Clarion February 2017

Let me make it clear that this a Trump Free Zone. All that is their business, those generally friendly folk on the other side of the Atlantic, and I will not waste time discussing the matter here. After all, we have quite enough to fret and argue about with Brexit and the manifold arguments about that process to consider. But let’s not worry about that little lot either, and some remarkably silly quotes about expenditure and what we will or won’t gain when it happens; we can have very little effect from here in gentle and civilised Shropshire. Call me small minded if you like - I’ve had worse, believe me - but I believe that what’s important around here is what we can see and hear every day.

Like the Live and Let Live changing hands, the Fighting Cocks at Stottesdon having a total makeover and the Talbot Hotel likewise. Not important in the world stage? Of course not. This is a small, tight knit community that means nothing on the world stage, but to the people who live here it’s very significant in their everyday lives. We don’t stop looking outwards, we’re not unaware of what is happening in a world that sometimes seems destined to disappear in a puff of whatever smoke the current arms race offers, but we know that here in supposedly sleepy Shropshire we get on with a life most would people aspire to if they knew how good it is around here.

This is not an invitation to lie back in a complacent snooze and forget that the world has problems. Do please stay aware of how bad life is for many and good for most of us, then make a small donation to the charity of your choice and pat yourself on the back for caring. Because if everyone in this country contributed just £5 a week to a cause like Cancer Research the conquest of that dreadful disease would accelerate strongly. We can’t cure the world of its ills, but we can help in the fight.

Jim Reynolds


February 2017

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