It seems that the bigger this thing gets, the more people want to get a copy. So with effect from this issue, we are printing 925 copies every month.

If it’s a 64 page version, like this is, it means that Linda at Glint Print uses more than three quarters of an acre of paper. That figure comes from the editor, playing at being a nerd and multiplying up from an A3 sheet; what a pity he has nothing better to do. Linda tells us this quantity means she uses 2.25 litres of ink for each issue.

Another development this month is the appointment of two new distributors. Brian Link in Bayton suggested we should leave a batch in the church porch, then realised that there is work being done on the building for some months, so he volunteered to distribute around the village. Our grateful thanks to him for all his help.

Then Sue Moore at Coppice Lodge, the big campsite alongside the A4117 at Mawley, called. Could she have the Clarion for visitors to the area to learn what’s going on and maybe come into town and spend a little cash into the local economy? We’ll be delivering there on the first day of the month. Thank you, Sue.

And thank you all our keen readers and the distributors who make these pages available to them. It would be nothing without you.

Enjoy your Clarion.

925 copies is not nearly enough to satisfy everyone, though, not least those who don't live in the area but want to keep in touch. Hence the website, which is keenly anticipated by many.
Jim Reynolds


August 2016

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5 - Important Parish Council letter
7 - Whither the Wyre Forest?
9 - Simon Evans Day
11 - The Breakfast Club
13 - Severn Hospice Marathon Girl
15 - The Clarion Jobs Page
19 - Severn Edge Vets
21 - The Friends of St Mary’s
23 - Rebecca’s World Netball Debut
25 - Motoring. Am I too old?
27 - Philip Dunne MP
29 - CPV - woeful service!
31 - Learning about War
32 - Social Calendar - Part One

33 - and Part Two
37 - On the Buses
39 - Clarion Coppers
41 - August in the Wyre Forest
43 - The Lacon Childe Prom
45 - Cleobury Dental Practice
47 - The Farming Page
49 - On the Market - Pickle Lady
51 - Mr Hubbell of Rock
53 - Great Local Entertainment
59 - Another Success Story
61 - We’re Still Growing
63 - Local Information