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Officially you should be able to read this issue of the Clarion from December 4th, if the magic of gets it from my desk to Robert Hodge’s much more efficient unit in downtown Hopton Wafers.

 That date also happens to be my birthday, which I plan to celebrate with a family lunch at Spice Empire, when my grand daughters will further their culinary education thanks to the ministrations of the Miah family. That then leaves just three weeks until Christmas Day, which means a very busy time for most people in the community, with the exception of those who are in poor health or perhaps living alone and without much companionship to look forward to. Please spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves, perhaps consider making a donation to whichever cause sparks your sympathy, and then take up the spirit of Christmas with a lighter conscience.

I do hope you have a very happy Christmas holiday and a New Year to look forward to and enjoy to the full.

Jim Reynolds


December 2016

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