Editorial - December 2017

Is this the time to switch off from the normal day-to-day stresses and pressures, to relax for the few blessed days when Christmas runs into the New Year and we can ignore the worries that are out there waiting for too many of us? Do we dare pretend that this traditional season of goodwill to all men is reality, for just a few precious hours? Some have the capacity to switch off and forget, but for too many there is no escape frorn the awfulness of poverty, warfare and illness.

Please don't think that I am trying to puncture the balloon of happiness that we enjoy at this time, because I will delight in the joy of the very young as they discover unexpected treats and join in celebrations of the season. As Father Christmas on a couple of occasions it is my privilege to see such simple, innocent pleasures and keep for myself the memory of faces alight with happiness. The children make Christmas a good time, not the self indulgence we all succumb to.

Just let us not forget those who have no such escape from the awfulness of warfare in too many parts of the globe, the draining of energy for those who can see no way out of poverty, the lack of hope for too many who are ill and beyond the simple care we in the more developed countries can presume to find. you have a moment to spare, maybe you could simply take a few coins from your pocket or purse and donate to some good cause. You will never know the person who may benefit from such minor generosity, but you are entitled to nod to yourself for the gesture.

Have a vey happy Christmas, and more important still a peaceful and safe New Year.

Jim Reynolds


December 2017

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