January 2018 website edition - Editorial

Didn't December live up to the English weather's reputation for springing surprises? We had been warned snow would come over the second weekend in December, but not in quite such quantities. The process followed established form, with the countryside looking beautiful and few drivers venturing out until the need to get to work on Monday made them either face conditions and attendant hold-ups or opt to deal with urgent matters from home.

The schools in this area faced particular difficulties, with staff struggling to get in and the buses for the secondary schools deciding the risk was too great over the winding lanes so many travel down. Stating that conditions were too severe to expose children to the dangers of road travel was logical, but if you made it to any of the popular sledging slopes and watched fathers and children in many cases slithering down on something as basic as a fertiliser sack you might question which was the greatest threat to their safety. At such times, the spirit of adventure wins over the caution preached so much these days.

Was that decent fall of snow a hint of more to come through the beginning of 2018? If so, the farmers will deal with it in their usual stoic fashion while authorities warn the rest of us not to travel unless it is essential. An occasional reminder of the strength of Mother Nature should encourage a greater respect for the privilege of living in this love place. Do take care and do not think that we can dismiss natural events just because we live in the 21st century.

Jim Reynolds


January 2018

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