Cleobury Clarion July 2017

Half way through the year and the predictions about global warming and its effect of wildly varying weather patterns is there for all who care to look; a temperature of 34 degrees Centigrade during June, followed by a damp, mild move towards July as I type this on the 28th. I am not going to preach the need to control our use of the planet, goodness knows you’ll have heard and read enough about that, but l will suggest that we should listen to people who understand and study such matters.

They may not draw an audience in the manner of a TV soap star or the winner of some talent show, but the unheralded man or woman who has chosen to be a nurse, engineer, teacher or police officer possesses the dearly bought knowledge that only experience brings. The same applies to those who study weather patterns and do not have a commercial or political interest in dismissing informed comment.

There was a time when to claim to be an engineer was not a good social move; the common public perception was of a man (it was always a man) with dirt in his fingernails and a spanner or welding torch in his hand. Hardly the sort of chap one would invite to a tea party.

How times have changed in that particular area, even if some cannot accept the fact that there is a serious shortage of engineers in this country and that measures are being taken to encourage bright young people regardless of gender to pursue such a career. I have been told by an informed source that Jaguar Land Rover are happy to recruit fresh graduates on a starting salary of more than £30,000 a year. How times do change.


Jim Reynolds


July 2017

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