Cleobury Clarion September 2017

It’s September already and I wasn’t expecting it for another month or more. As my mother, who had a friendly, fancy way with words, used to say: “Tempus never stops fugiting.”

So we step gently into the season of mellow mists and fruitfulness, looking back on summer weather of varied kindness and perhaps too many weekends when the rain would not stay away until Monday. That’s the English climate for you, never predictable enough to make planning events simple. Let’s remind ourselves that adaptability comes from such mixed fortunes.

Too early to look back and try to review the year, just a few days past eight of its twelve months time span, but arguably a good moment to recall a few summer events that left a smile on most faces. Like the Community Day, when people we normally greet with a nod and maybe pass a few words with, had the chance to show what their crafts and interests are. It left me with the feeling that this town has a multi-talented population. Clubfest in and around the Sports and Social Club made it clear there are a lot of people, of all ages, ready to turn their backs on domestic duty and just relax in a less than quiet way. Rehearsing for Christmas? Shame on me for mentioning that distant festival. The Cleobury Mortimer Lectures grew from a novel idea to a significant attraction with Professor Mary Beard filling Saint Mary’s to bursting point.

So a good year so far and more to come from this bustling, friendly place. Enjoy.

Jim Reynolds


September 2017

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