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The Cleobury Clarion was launched on April 1st 2005 as a humble 20-page news-sheet designed to support the Cleobury Country community. I had 550 printed and friends gave loans to help pay the print bill; the local traders liked the idea of local advertising so much that all the sponsors were paid back in the first month.

Goodness me, but it has grown since then. Today the print run is 700 copies, the page count has swelled to 60 and in most of the outlets who have been so helpful during its early life, you have to get in early or they’ve run out. At first this was seen as a sign of success, but enough people complained about not getting a copy that something had to be done.

And here it is, The Cleobury Clarion stumbles into the 21st century and onto your computer screen. Just as shops and pubs willing to hand out copies made the print version such a success, in 2011 Robert Hodge showed me that having a website is not black magic and made this possible.

I hope you find this version helpful. If you feel there is something missing or an established feature needs a little attention, please feel free to tell me so. I cannot promise to do what every reader asks, but I do promise that every message and suggestion will be read. Thank you for visiting our site; I hope you’ll be coming back in future months.

Jim Reynolds


September 2016

Current issue


This is just the first step in our journey on to your screen.  New features will be added each month

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5 - Fountain Fun Runners
9 - From the Bandroom
11 - Jazz at Rock Village Hall
13 - Local Homes for Local People
15 - The Clarion Jobs Page
19 - Severn Edge Vets
21 - CoCo Invitation
23 - Cleobury Patients’ Voice
27 - Philip Dunne MP
29 - Hobson’s Brewery Night
31 - Small Ads Stars - Hammered n’ Plastered
32 - Social Calendar - Part One
33 - and Part Two

35 - CCTV and Council Report
37 - On the Buses
39 - Clarion Coppers
41 - September in the Wyre Forest
43 - Hello Azkass Body Art
45 - Cleobury Dental Practice
47 - Bayton’s Harvest Celebrations
49 - Beyond the Market
51 - Caring for the Carers
53 - A Poetry Club?
59 - Borders Classic Bike Show
61 - Clubfest
63 - Local Information