Cleobury Clarion March 2017

Isn’t March a lovely month? Never mind the traditional talk of March winds and weather forecasts of rain, snow and hurricanes. Just remember that TV forecasters live with the memory of poor Michael Fish assuring a 1980s audience that talk of extreme weather in the South was no more than a rumour, only to find that a freak storm had hit the country. I remember staying overnight in Sevenoaks a few weeks later, to discover that Oneoaks would be a more accurate title. In this age of indignant people suing on almost any pretext, weather people play it safe, knowing that a FishUp could get the wrath of the law after them.

But March is the month when the hard chills of winter begin to mellow, when snowdrops litter woodland undergrowth and trees and plants begin to gently bud. Nothing too extreme, of course, because Mother Nature knows that an unwary full blooming can all too quickly be wiped out with a frost or two, so early growth is a cautious, gentle process. She coyly lifts the corner of her gown to offer a glimpse of the summer that cannot be far away.

The crowded pages of the Social Calendar reflect this awakening of Spring as the list of events you can take in grows bigger. Even though the Clarion is now a regular 64 pages every month, getting every item of news in remains a headache and I apologise to those whose reports have been omitted. That means extra work and a bigger print bill every month, but is no reason to complain; this is a labour of love.

Jim Reynolds


March 2017

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5 - Lots of Praise
7 - News from the Parish Church
9 - Good Cause, Good Evening
11 - Social Club News
13 - New! Red Hare Tips and Facts
15 - The Clarion Jobs Page
17 - World War One Committee
19 - Severn Edge Vets
21 - The Parish Walk
23 - Another World War One Story
25 - Kell Elliott
27 - Philip Dunne MP
29 - On the Market - Cosy Kitchen

32 - The Social Calendar - Part One
33 - The Social Calendar - Part Two
35 - Clarion Coppers
37 - On the Buses
39 - Cleobury’s Swifts
41 - March in the Wyre Forest
45 - Cleobury Dental Practice
49 - New Face at Bayton School
57 - Kinlet’s Big Disco Night
59 - Cleobury Patients’ Voice
61 - Cleobury Cosmetics launched
63 - Local Information