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          Cleobury Clarion

          SERVING CLEOBURY COUNTRY                                                       November 2017

               MRS ELIZABETH                  MQP SUPPORTS THE                  THE CLARION IS AN
                   GRIFFITHS                           LEGION                      AWARD WINNER
           Following   her   appearance                                        Full   details   of   the   Midland
           before   Telford   Magistrates’                                     Enterprise   Awards   2017,
           Court on May 26th, when she                                         organised   by   SME   News   of
           was   served   with   a   restraining                               Burton-on-Trent,   have   recently
           order   in   the   matter   of                                      been released.
           harassment   of   Town   Clerk                                           “Each and every one of our
           Matthew Sheehan, on May 27th                                        deserving winners are selected
           Mrs Griffiths wrote to the Royal                                    by   a   combination   of   votes
           British   Legion   headquarters   in                                gathered   from   our   network   of
           London, complaining about the                                       respected industry partners and
           behaviour   of   the   Cleobury                                     our   own   rigorous   in-house
           Mortimer branch of the Legion                                       research,” SME announced.
           and   its   treasurer,   the   same                                    ““SME News prides itself on
           Matthew Sheehan.                                                    the validity of its awards and
                 Mrs   Griffiths   was   later   Hugh McGuigan of Midland      winners. The awards are given
           interviewed   by   West   Mercia   Quarry Products hands a cheque   solely on merit and are awarded
           Police   and   a   report   of   that   for £500 to Dave Clarke, vice   to   commend   those   most
           interview   was   passed   to   the   president of the Cleobury Mortimer   deserving   for   their   ingenuity
           Crown Prosecution Service. Mrs    branch of the Royal British Legion.  and hard work.”
           Griffiths was ordered to appear   In   a   friendly   and   informal        And the winner of the Best
           before   magistrates   on   Monday   gathering at the Market Hall in   Local Newspaper Publication -
           September 25th, but did not do    October,   Hugh   McGuigan,       West   Midlands   was   The
           so. A warrant was then issued     manager of the MQP quarry on      Cleobury Clarion. We were not
           for her arrest.                   Clee Hill, handed a cheque for    aware   of   the   competition   and
                 On   Wednesday   September   £500 to the local branch of the   our victory came as a complete
           27th Mrs Griffiths was arrested   Royal British Legion.             surprise. We would like to thank
           and   appeared   before   Telford        It was a contribution to the   our   readers,   advertisers,
           Magistrates’ Court. She pleaded   cost of producing and installing   printers,   distributors   and
           guilty   to   an   offence   of   a plaque in memory of the local   contributors for all their support
           harassment   “in   breach   of   a   men and women who served in    that   has   helped   earn   this
           restraining order on conviction”   the 1914-18 Great War. It will be   acclaim.
           and   was   fined   £200   plus   £185   unveiled   as   part   of   the   2018      Bless you all for your help.
           costs.                            centenary commemoration.

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                           caring?’ by CQC in March 2017.  If you, or a family member, need
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