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Clarion Clippings  -  The Local News

                   BAYTON’S                  the ceiling to catch the ancient
                                             plaster that had been falling on
                                             the   congregation’s   heads.   The
                   CONCERT                   roof had been stripped back and
          This   December   3rd   gathering  remade, with modern insulation
          had special significance, as Saint  and   materials.   But   the   main
          Bartholomew’s church had been  timber   spans,   apparently
          closed for more than a year for a  installed   during   a   rebuild   500
          comprehensive         rebuilding  years   ago,   were   in   good
          programme. There was tension  condition   and   needed   no
          right   to   the   last   days,   when  replacement.   At   the   other
          Severn   Trent   managed   to  extreme,   the   builders   had   dug
          reconnect   the   water   pipes   and  down to bedrock to cure an old
          ensure a supply for tea making.    problem with damp. The stone
               The concert tickets sold out  flag floor does look good.
          long   before   the   event   and     Before the interval there was a   Brian Link did a great job as host.
          something like 130 people plus  star performance by Ollie Hart-       Easy manner and lots of detail to
          the   30-strong   Much   Wedlock  Bradford, booked by Brian Link           keep people informed.
          Male   Voice   Choir   under   Paul  after   he   read   about   this   local     There was a raffle, but I didn’t
          Kelly   filled   the   church   to  talent in these pages. Ollie does  see   the   tickets,   so   missed   out.
          capacity and a wee bit more.       sing well, in a relaxed manner  There must have been close to
                                             that   the   audience   loved.   Big  20 prizes, the winning numbers
                                             rounds of applause for both his  picked out and a runner sent off
                                             sessions.                         to   hand   over   the   prize   as   the
                                                                               next dip into the bag was just
                                                                               happening.   The   result   was   a
                                                                               draw   that   held   the   audience’s
                                                                               attention and not too much time
                                                                               spent before we were back to the
                                                                                     It   was   close   to   five   o’clock
                                                                               when the concert ended with a
                                                                               presentation to a surprised Ollie
                                                                               Hart-Bradford. This young man
                                                                               does have a modest way, not at
                                                                               all trying to be the star he will
             The choir were excellent, with                                    surely become.
          a programme of both carols and      Ollie Hart-Bradford really wowed         The   final   farewell   from   the
          popular favourites, then joining             the audience.           host was an invitation to take a
          in   the   community   singing       The interval brought another  bag of cooking apples from the
          sessions.   They   have   a   total  eye opener. Tea was served by a  church   porch,   as   they   were
          membership   of   46   and   are  legion of helpers who carried it  surplus to needs and what was
          hoping to recruit just a few more  to the seated audience while the  left was going to West Midlands
          to help hem celebrate their 50th  choir   queued   into   the   kitchen.  Safari   Park   on   Monday.   And
          birthday this year.                Then   everyone   was   handed   a  very fine apples they were.
                Brian   Link   hosted   the  foil wrapped package of locally        The   Concert   drew   visitors
          afternoon with an easy style and  made   sandwiches   and   cakes,  from   North   and   South   Wales,
          a   lot   of   information   about   the  including   a   small   piece   of   the  plus Birmingham, which shows
          restoration   of   the   church.   He  Christmas variety. All made by  how its reputation has grown. If
          explained that there used to be  church   volunteers   and   part   of  you   get   a   chance   to   go,   don’t
          chicken   wire   suspended   from  the admission charge. Superb.     miss it. Great stuff.                    JR

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