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                 ELIZABETH’S                 treatment. “The sum raised was     We thank every single person
                                             around   a   thousand   pounds,  who donated money, which will
                   BIG DROP
                                             which   I   hope   will   go   towards  really   help   people   with   spinal
                                             others   patients’   recovery,”   she  injuries, through Aspire.
                                             told the Clarion. “I would like to     Your generosity has astonished
                                             thank all the kind people who  me. I raised £2,000 and our team
                                             sponsored me.”                    raised a total of £22,000.
                                              AND CHARLOTTE’S                       I was also proud to be the
                                                                               swimmer to land on the French
                                                     BIG SWIM                  beach to pick up the six pebbles,
                                             Charlotte   Manley   was   a   front   one for each team member, as is
                                             page   story   in   April’s   Clarion,   the   tradition   for   Channel
                                             with   her   plan   to   swim   the   swimmers as a lasting memento
                                             Channel   in   June   as   part   of   a   of their success.”
                                             team of six. All to raise money   Charlotte Manley
                                             for   Aspire,   a   charity   that   KNOWLE SPORTS'
                                             supports   people   with   spinal      WINTER BREAK
          On the way down. Elizabeth Bishop                                    November will see two of those
            heads for terra firma and a great        She was in strict training to   very   popular   sales   at   the
                 piece of fund rasing.       match   the   qualifying   standard,   Knowle Sports' ground on Clee
          Elizabeth   Bishop   is   over   21.   which she did. This is her story:  Hill,   on   the   first   and   last
          Some   might   suggest   she’s   old        “I still can’t believe we have   Saturdays of the month. That's
          enough to know better, but that    swum the English Channel!         the 4th and the 25th.
          u n d e r e s t i m a t e s     h e r        We set off at midnight and        There will then be no sales
          determination   and   simple       swam   for   15   hours   and   56   during   December   or   January,
          bravery.                           minutes   as   our   team   ‘The   Sea   but you can still make donations
                On   September   23rd   she   Eagles’ took it in turns to swim a   of furniture by leaving them at
          abseiled down the huge Arcelor     mile   and   then   change   places.   the   sports   ground.   They'll   be
          Mittal Orbit tower in the Queen    There were six in the team and    open again for bargain business
          Elizabeth   Olympic   Park,   the   we   set   off   three   weeks   earlier   on   the   first   Saturday   in
          place where the Olympic Games      than   planned,   due   to   good   February.
          were   held   in   2012.   The   Orbit   weather   conditions.   Sadly   the
          claims to be the UK’s tallest free-  other teams failed that day, as          WISE BIT
          fall abseil site, at 262 feet. That’s   the water became too choppy to   "The  starting  post  of  all
          80 metres in round terms.          swim. With the jelly fish, small   achievement is the desire."
             She did it to raise funds for the   sharks and Mother Nature, we       Charlotte  Manley.  See  her
          Royal Marsden Hospital, where      conquered our challenge.          story on this page.
          her grandson recently received

                                     Swifts Bakery - Established 1863
                            Craft Bakery , Sandwich Bar & Tearoom 

             We aim to deliver fresh bread and cakes to Cleobury and surrounding area
                With delicious handmade rolls hot & cold to be eaten in or take away.
                        We also offer hot food like the amazing Booton Breakfast.
                          Pop in and see what we can do for breakfast or lunch.
                               Open open 8 am to 4 pm Monday to Saturday 
                           18 Church Street Cleobury Mortimer Tel 01299 271190

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