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            THE HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY                                CHARITIES BOOSTED BY
          Members gathered to hear one of our own give a                      REBOOTED
          humorous talk entitled “Growing Innovations, we     The Booton family’s Rebooted group would like to
          haven’t starved yet.”                               thank everyone who joined them for the Bootbash
                Kit   Smith   gave   a   brief   history   of   his   career   at the Parish Hall on New Year’s Eve.
          growing crops and produce. Most of his life was        A grand total of £1500 was raised for Stand Up
          spent in Kent where he went to the Wyre College     To Cancer and the First Responders. Many thanks
          and   studied   agriculture   management.   He   spent   also   to   everyone   who   donated   such   generous
          ten   years   managing   an   arable   farm   producing    raffle prizes.                                             Di Edwards
          wheat, barley, peas, sprouts and potatoes, always
          developing ways of obtaining the best crops. He                  NOT SO SMART
          then   moved   on   to   supplying   Sainsburys’   with      When I was buying my electricity from E.D.F.
          packet vegetables for a further twenty years; quite   they   put   in   a   smart   meter.   This   was   fine   and
          challenging keeping up with demands of the firm     worked well. Last July I changed to E-ON and
          and the purchasers.                                 after   a   while   noticed   erratic   billing.   When
               Next came setting up a garden centre. Hard     eventually I was able to contact them I discovered
          work,   but   he   and   his   wife   found   contact   with   my smart meter was no good, as all the electricity
          customers more rewarding. He also found time to     suppliers read smart meters on a different wave
          become involved with local politics.                band, a thing I wasn’t   told when I changed. So
               In food production you are always looking to   now the house device is no good to me. What a
          improve   your   crops.   Searching   for   the   best   waste. I now have to read the meter at the input
          varieties,   reducing   pests   and   the   best   fertilizer.   meter   just   as   I   did   before   the   smart   meter
          This is where innovation comes in, seed producers   installation. So it is all a big waste of time and a
          look to cross differing strains to provide us with   waste of money. How crazy is this world?
          greater   harvests.   You   consider   when   to   plant,   Reg Chapman
          single or double rows, you aim for the plants to be              JOHN MORGAN
          at their best when we have the best sunlight for  Jain and family would like to thank all for their
          photosynthesis, hence a bigger crop. This is just  messages of sympathy and for their attendance at
          one example;  very thought provoking. If we are to  the church service.
          continue   being   able   to   feed   our   growing        On   leaving   school,   John   worked   at   Onions’
          population,   seed   and   food   producers   have   to  Bakehouse until his call-up to the RAF, where he
          continually   develop   better   ways   of   producing  served for eight years.
          greater amounts of food.                                  On   leaving   the   RAF,   John   went   to   work   at
             Our next meeting at the Methodist Hall is on  Whittles’s Coaches, where he stayed for 25 years
          February   12th, when we will find out how to  until forced to retire through ill health.
          create a year round garden. All visitors welcome.
                                                                   He was also a past chairman of the Rock and
          Liz Smurthwaite                                     District Royal British Legion. Grateful thanks go to
                                                              Sovereign Care and Cleobury Medical Centre.
                                                              Jain Morgan

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