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          ANIMAL FARM AT LACON CHILDE                         to a Saturday morning, from 10.30 to 12.30, is to
                                                              make the chance to try this skilled sport available
                             SCHOOL                           to as many people as possible.
          Lacon Childe does have a very good reputation          The charge is £30, which works out at just £5.00
          for the standard of its dramatic productions. This   an hour. That’s great value with a coach like Steve
          year they tackle a demanding play that has been     Lancaster, who will be running the course; Steve
          adapted as a musical and it will be interesting to   is   ranked   Number   Three   in   the   UK   Shooting
          see   how   well   the   students   cope   with   a   new   Barebow and 2017 Masters Champion.
          challenge. Head of Drama Arthur Short writes:                    Contact       the      club      on
             Our production for 2018 is ‘Animal Farm’ by,   dial   0788
          George Orwell, adapted for the stage as a musical   2029 560 or via Facebook@cleoburyarchers
          play   by   Peter   Hall   during   his   time   as   artistic
          director of The National Theatre, with lyrics by              THE ALPHA COURSE
          Adrian Mitchell and music by Richard Peaslee.       Barbara Martin writes:
                George   Orwell’s   allegorical   tale   recasts   the   This is a chance to explore the meaning of life in
          characters of the Russian Revolution of October     this complex world in which we live. To help us
          1917   as   animals   on   an   English   farm.   The   find answers about the Christian faith, ourselves,
          downtrodden beasts of Manor Farm drive off the      why   we   are   here   in   a   safe   and   friendly
          farmer and run things for themselves with the       environment with others.
          golden rule “All animals are equal”. Too soon,         The Alpha Course begins on February 21st with
          however,   the   pigs,   who   consider   themselves   an evening get together in Market Hall, at 6.45pm.
          superior   in   intelligence,   succumb   to   the   This includes a meal, followed by an explanatory
          temptations of privilege and power.                 DVD about it, meeting each other. The course is
                Animal   Farm   has   something   to   say   to   all  free,   informal   and   it’s   not   academic,   thank
          generations about what may happen if we fail to  goodness.
          hold our leaders to account.                             There is no pressure or obligation attached to
             Performances will be at Lacon Childe School on   the get together evening and there will be a warm
          Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, March 21st to       welcome for all.
          23rd, starting at 7.30pm.
          Tickets are available from the school - telephone      The course itself begins on Wednesday February
          CM 270312 -and cost £6.00 for adults, £5.00 for     28th at 7.00 pm. and will run weekly until April.
          concessions and £20.00 for a family of four. That’s   The Cleobury venue starting week one will be
          great value for a well produced classic.            announced at the introductory meal.
                  NEW ARCHERY COURSE                             If you have any enquiries, please contact Rector
          Cleobury   Country   Archers   will   be   running   a   Ashley   Buck   on   01299   272916   or   me   on   01299
          beginners’ course at the Sports Hall, starting on   489705.
          Saturday the 24th of this month and continuing  Barbara Martin
          over the first two weekends in March. The move   

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